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Family TripAs much as we all say Autistics love “same” and “routine”, all situations are different. Here’s me thinking, “Yeah we had a great, positive holiday last time, let’s go again in a few months,” what an idiot I can be.

With a few trips and a fun holiday under our belts, why shouldn’t I assume that going to the same place, the same holiday but at a different time of the year would make for another great time for memory making? Well let me tell you why. The youngest just couldn’t get his head around the fact that perhaps it may actually rain. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t just chop and change from one task to another as we couldn’t possibly fit everything we own in to our car and take it on holiday. He also couldn’t understand why 2 seconds wasn’t too long to wait for someone to put into action his demands and believe me, they were demands, not requests but ear wax squelching, hair on the back of your neck raising, demands. Along with every demand I found my annoyance levels, my emotional state rising at the very same rapid rate as my patience was diminishing.

The drive was fairly similar to the first time down, minus the jerk in a car next to me getting annoyed about my car door touching his car, in a pitstop car park. Luckily for him, I told Adam to just leave things or the holiday would have been cut short before we even got there, as I could see he would have punched the guy if he has been dumb enough to say anything else to me. To be honest, I was tempted smash my door hard into his car and cause a dent. Yes, I know the insurance would have gone up, but I would have satisfied my impulse to ram him, for being an bit of a jerk. These kids watched tons of DVDs and also played the car make bingo game I made for them before we left. I will make a list of some travel tips on another post, along with some of my templates to help keep children entertained on journeys or even at a restaurant.

From the moment we walked in to our little family caravan, we knew this holiday was going to get worse. When we opened the door, one of the most horrible nasal assaults I’ve ever had the displeasure to experience, and trust me, my sense of smell is extremely acute, hit me smack in the face. It took what seemed like, at least, half a can of air freshener just to make it somewhat bearable. This was then followed up by realising the cleaners must have chosen to wipe the counters with, what I can only assume was lard before we arrived, as everything was slippery as an ice rink, which was rather disgusting. Then to complete the hat-trick of misfortunes on arrival our bed linen felt like someone forgot to dry them and felt like they were fresh out of the washer and nowhere near a dryer. So, to say the holiday started ok is an overstatement of biblical proportions, which we should have taken as an omen of things to come.
What was meant to be a great family holiday turned very quickly into the trip from beyond hell and was second by second pure torments in every way. The youngest, was just going nuts about everything. He was constantly jumping, bouncing, playing the caravan as though it were on solid ground. Much like in most places we have stayed, he just cannot stop the bouncing but I reckon the owners like having a floor in the caravan and we tried our best to ensure they still had one by the time we left. Can’t say the same for the bed, as he also wouldn’t stop bouncing on our bed and I am sure we rolled into the middle a little bit more the second night than we had the first, but I am for certain as both nights the sleep was rubbish.
Adam as it happened, also managed to get sick while on holiday as he caught the same 24 hour virus I had the previous week which had a side effect of vertigo and so we couldn’t really go anywhere the day after we arrived. With all the towing and frowning, the fact that the youngest knew just how to perfect wind his older brother us, the banging, jumping, constant disobeying and what I know if chosen defiance, I was slowly finding my state of mind going down the pan. The more it happened the worse I got. The worse I felt the less patience and tolerance I had and coupled with a lack of sleep meant all I wanted was my home.

So we/I made the choice to cut the holiday short and to go home 2 days early. I had to realise that not only was I unhappy, Adam was also suffering, the eldest as getting quiet fed up, the little one just wanted his way every second of every day and his with the full knowledge we had little recourse to implement consequences I had to put a stop to it all. I called one of my best friends and had a good old whingeing session. It made me feel so much better to just say I have had enough and just found my limit. She agreed with me to just get my butt home and prolong our suffering. So we drove back to the land of sanity.

Had this been a different time of year it may have been different. In the weeks prior to going we has had our little one in the hospital due to an infection that quickly became pre-sepsis and that require a 3 day stay for him and I. Then only a few days later, I managed to put my back out quite badly which made me bedridden for 4 days, followed by that strange virus that Adam later also contracted. So, I don’t think it was a great time to be going on holiday. But who wants to lose money on holiday?

This last holiday taught us many things.


  • Never to go back to that caravan ever again. In fact never stay in a caravan again.
  • Don’t go on holiday with the youngest until he is at least 12.
  • Never go on holiday in the winter season unless you know good activities will be open to keep your children from boredom.
  • The best part of any holiday is coming home.

Once we got home it took time to relax again, but the youngest was happy again. He had his plethora of activities at his finger tips and his space. Once he was happy, we could all relax.